Chayim Lieberman

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    Feeding the Needy on the Holiday of Shavuos - Masbia of Boro Park

    Sponsor one guest for one meal for $45. Sponsor one guest for all six meals for $270. Sponsor ten guests for $450. Sponsor an entire (40 guests) seudah/shift for $1,800. Choose your amount below.

    Read more about the connection of feeding the needy on Shavuos here.


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    Sponsor Shabbos Meals

    Masbia_of_Boro_Park_Shabbos.jpgYou can sponsor one guest for one Shabbos meal, Friday night or Saturday lunch, for $45, or both Friday night and Saturday lunch for $90. You can sponsor the entire shabbos for a couple for $180, a family of five for $450, or all the guests for one seudah for $1,800. The Shabbos morning meal is divided between the Kiddush, which can be sponsored separately for $300, and the actual meal, which you can sponsor for $1,500. Or you can choose to sponsor the whole Shabbos for $3,600. Each meal includes: pro-rated rent, all our weekend staff, mashgiach tamidi, food, wine, dishes, supplies and cleanup.

    Read more about Shabbos on the main Shabbos page here.