Melida Granda

  • commented on Contact Us 2020-12-10 21:57:01 -0500
    I want to make a complaint about the staff who work there .unfortunately I had a very bad experience with a girl ( CAROL) it happened on December 10th at 3pm when I went to pick up some pantry food And that girl began to treat me very badly, very arrogant, she approached my table that the pantry was there and she told me hurry up quickly, don’t waste my time, but I was just beginning to arrange the eggs and grapes in my shopping cart so that they would not be mistreated And she came and started to throw in my shoppingcart all the items , very angry and telling me to go away and I told her what is wrong with you, you are a worker and you have to treat people with respect and she told me very arrogant, better leave fucking starving people and throw me out place and almost even pushes me I can not believe how there are people who work in that way so unthinkable making me feel so miserable and she did not did that only to me because after me there were two Chinese people and she also did the same to them,telling that they did not really understand English. Such a bad experience for me .people like her are not suitable to work serving the most in need people

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