Yocheved Magen israilov

  • commented on Contact Us 2022-03-21 00:20:39 -0400

    I have 4 kids. Whole month system do not let me chance to make Reservation time,come and pick up pantry for my family. I have not enough food at home. I called tech support many times. Did not help at all, I emailed at info Alexander, did not help, automated system etc. Nothing help. When I push the button time confirm, it’s like freezed or they sad may be I was rud with Masbia team or whatever and they block me or put me like non active but it’s not true, please guys I would like to get help,pantry nothing else, could you help me somehow to get pantry for me and my family.kuds nothing else. I did not did smth wrong. I do not understand why system do not let me RESERVATE time and the same thing has one of my relative!

    Appreciate in advance 🙏🙌


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