Help Outfit the New Masbia of Boro Park Facility

Masbia of Boro ParkMasbia of Boro Park needs your help with renovating and outfitting  new facility. The new facility will be used for a soup kitchen and food pantry to serve and distribute tens of thousands of meals with dignity every month. We are offering dedication opportunities to help us pay for equipment, materials, and all the durable items needed to expand and improve our services at this new facility. The sooner we raise the funds needed, the sooner we can open. Below, you will find sponsorship options at various levels: from $25 in monthly installments to $100,000. Each dedication has a description of what you are sponsoring and how the dedication will be implemented.

Instructions: The capacity building page has very exciting features. The dedication plaque is interactive where you are able to click on each item for a pop up and read about what the item means to the soup kitchen with a poetic tie to its biblical origins of charity and hospitality. You can also see a list of each item as you scroll down the page. For this campaign, you are able to make a regular donation, automatic installment options are available, or crowdfund the item of your choice. For example by crowdfunding, you will be able to pick an item to dedicate in honor of your grandmother and get her children and grandchildren to donate towards the dedication amount. See crowdfunding tab for more details. If you wish to discuss further, feel free to call the Executive Director Alexander Rapaport at 718-972-4446 x201 or email [email protected]


Select what you would like to dedicate:

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Location Naming Rights – $100,000

Secure naming rights to appear on the outside of the facility in your honor or in tribute to loved ones. All public notices and press releases regarding this Masbia location will carry your chosen name.


לב לייבעלע - לז"נ יצחק יהודה ב"ר אברהם (לייבעלע) מאנדלבוים ע"ה

Grand Entrance Naming – “Pesach HaOhel” – $36,000

Acquire the naming of the main entrance with the chosen name to appear on the outside awning. The title of this dedication pays homage to our patriarch Abraham who stood at the entrance to his tent when he invited the three angels to be his guests. Genesis (18:1).

Vessel Containing Blessings – “Kli Machzik Bracha” – $25,000

We will be making the switch to elegant, washable, reusable dinnerware at this new location, creating a greater sense of dignity for our guests, necessitating a large investment of approximately 500 sets of cups, silverware and plates.  This dedication, which also includes the dishwashing area, can be inscribed in the dishwashing area and is a play on a final verse of the Mishnah (Uktzin 3:12) referring to peace as the only vessel capable of containing blessing.


Carmona New York

Provisions Storage – “Viotzrosayhem Amalei” – $70,000

Unlike our previous location which had limited cold storage capacity, this new facility will have ample space once we purchase a walk in refrigerator and freezer allowing us to host guests over Shabbos and holidays.  Having proper cold storage facilities will enable us to serve even more guests and will be instrumental in the distribution of fresh produce to those who want to take home raw groceries.  This dedication can be memorialized on the refrigerator and freezer and is taken from the words of Proverbs (8:21),  part of a blessing that God would fill the storehouses, a sign of wealth.


Climate Control – “Ruach HaMakom Noche” – $25,000

Having proper climate control in our facility will allow us to treat our guests with the utmost dignity, providing them with relief during the scorching summer months and a welcome escape from the bone crushing cold of winter.  The half hour that our guests spend with us enjoying a nutritious meal may very well be the only time that they spend during the day enjoying a respite from extreme temperatures.  This dedication is titled “Ruach HaMakom Noche”, a play on the words of Ethics of our Fathers (3:10).


Investors Bank

Seated at Your Table – “Taaroch Lifanei Shulchan” – $18,000 (x10)

Each of the ten tables at our new location will bear the name of the sponsor, giving contributors the privilege of literally hosting guests at their own table, an act of charity known to provide unparalleled merit.  The Talmud in Brachos (54­-55) explains that the act of hosting guests is rewarded with longevity because it is the equivalent of bringing a sacrifice on the altar in the times of the holy temple.  The Talmud specifies that it is a "person’s table that brings them atonement,” establishing the table itself as an actual vessel of forgiveness, imbuing this sponsorship with special meaning as multiple guests enjoy meals throughout the day.  This great opportunity is called “Taaroch Lifanai Shulchan” based on the popular phrase in 23rd Psalm.

4 out of 10 claimed
Kalman J. and Susie B. Fishbein
Steven and Naomi Wolinsky
Chaim E. Zwiebel
Myron Eagle
In remembrance of Mildred Eagle who gave the gift of warmth and kindess to those she met

Lighting – “Ora V’simcha” - $10,000

Because this new facility had no working light fixtures, we will be installing full lighting. The Talmud in Yuma 84:2 says that a blind person eats but is never fully satiated, further reinforcing the importance of proper lighting as part of a fulfilling meal. This sponsorship takes its name from the well known passage in the book of Esther (8:16).


Marshall Huebner

Flooring - “Ritspas Bahat Vasheish” – $10,000

Another dedication opportunity referencing the book of Esther (1:6) describes the magnificent flooring in the palace of King Achashveros, underscoring that even centuries ago, flooring was considered to be an important element of a good meal. By installing beautiful tiles, we hope to enhance the ambiance of our dining area, making it even more welcoming to our guests.


Mordecai and Carol Weissman

All The Prime To Hashem – “Kol Cheilev LaHashem” - $10,000

The Code of Jewish Law (248:8) teaches us that the greatest form of charity is giving the highest quality food, the finest clothes and best building materials.  This dedication will provide for upgrades and beautifications to enhance the soup kitchen experience for our guests including beautiful marble wall tiles, welcoming flower pots at our entrance and tasteful countertops.  The phrase “Kol Cheilev LaHashem” comes from the verse in Leviticus (3:16).


Joyce Fefferman

Plants for shade – “V’heshianu Tachas Haeitz” - $7,200

The biblical patriarch Abraham is our role model in hospitality, seating his guests under the shade of a tree to enhance their comfort as they waited for their meal. Similarly, this dedication will sponsor window shades and outside trees and hedges to provide enhanced privacy for our guests.  This dedication can be displayed next to the window shades and is based on the words of Genesis (18:4).


Mark Ian and Susan Binsky

Hot Food Display Counter - “L’ais Tachin Matbaiach” – $7,200

Because all of our hot food is delivered in bulk from our main kitchen on Coney Island Avenue, we will be installing a beautiful heated display showcase for this dining room, enabling our waiters to assemble plates for our guests.  This dedication, which can be inscribed on the showcase, is based on the words of the Chanukah song Maoz Tzur.


Claimed by Adam and Sarah Hofstetter
Dedicated in the memory of Pearl and Rabbi Dr. Noah Rosenbloom

Monthly Rent for the First Year - “Dimai Nachshon” - $5,000 (x12)

It is a well documented fact that first steps are always the hardest, something we found to be very true as we undertook our new Boro Park facility. Locating the right location and taking on the financial commitment of higher rent for a bigger space was indeed a daunting prospect.  By sponsoring our $5,000 monthly rent, you will be following in the footsteps of Nachshon, the first person to step into the Red Sea as the Jews left Egypt, despite the obvious dangers.  Therefore, we have titled this dedication D’mei Nachshon, the monies of Nachshon, a tribute to the selflessness of those who are ready to blaze new trails in charitable endeavors.

Home Provisions Display Shelving – “Shever Raavon Bateichem” $2,500 (x10)

In addition to the hot meals, Masbia also offers raw take home grocery foods for those who find it more dignified to cook for their family at home and to provide for those times when our kitchens are closed. Allocations are based on family size, with clients choosing foods to take home from our 10 custom made wooden display cases designed to ensure the integrity of our dining room.  Each dedication will sponsor one shelving case which can be inscribed with donors’  names. We call this “Shever Raavon Bateichem,” based on the biblical story of Joseph the Righteous who told his brothers to take food home during the great famine in Genesis (42:19).

10 out of 10 claimed
Claimed by Joshua D. Pollack
Steve Moses
In Memory of Leonard and Estelle Moses and Jerry and Eileen Moses
Joshua D. and E. Deborah Pollack
Robert and Roselin M. Vegh
Joseph and Naomi Auerbach
ר' מתתיהו צבי ב"ר שרגא פייבל ע"ה
Zev and Dina Nadler
Albert and Yaffa Harstein
Stuart M. and Ruth Acriche Nemesure
Alan Feurman
Shlomo Kohn

Mezuza – “Mezuzos Baisecha” - $1,800

This dedication is the sponsorship of the mezuza scroll to be placed on the front door of our new facility and takes its name from words in the Torah that call for this holy mitzvah.


Barak Greenfield

Ritual Hand Washing Sink – “Hakiyor Ve’es Kano” - $1,800

The ritual hand washing sink, also known as the netilat-yadayim sink, will be designated for the guests to wash their hands before the meal. Named for the kiyor, the hand washing vessel of the Temple referenced multiple times throughout the book of Exodus, this dedication will be displayed above the sink.


Refuah Shleimah for Rachel Miriam bat Shifra Yenta

Masbia Host - “Machnas Orach” - Gold - $1,200

Knowing that many people would like to be part of our holy work feeding the needy throughout the year, we have created a category called “Machnis Orach” a Hebrew title given to someone who regularly has guests. Divided into three levels, Gold, Silver and Copper, this donation allows contributors to become a Masbia host for a monthly donation of either $100, $50, or $25, which can also be made in total on an annual basis.

Rubin and Marta Schron
Leonard Wasserman
Glenn and Reva Hirsch
Oren Wachstock
Jonathan and Rachel Beck
Mark and Naomi Ramer
Rhonda Bruder
Rebecca Sapir
Fay Amsel- Zeller
Mitchel and Joann Ashkanazy
Bruce H. Francis
Donald H. Weingarten
Jeffery Greenberg
David and Sally Frenkel
Bella Wiseman
Geraldine Kasha
Avram D. and Elizabeth S. Sand
Stuart and Sari Braunstein
Royal Wine Corp. (x3)
Kyle B. Smith

Masbia Host - “Machnas Orach” - Silver - $600

Knowing that many people would like to be part of our holy work feeding the needy throughout the year, we have created a category called “Machnis Orach” a Hebrew title given to someone who regularly has guests. Divided into three levels, Gold, Silver and Copper, this donation allows contributors to become a Masbia host for a monthly donation of either $100, $50, or $25, which can also be made in total on an annual basis.

Chaya Hedy Katz
In memory of Chaya Berkowitz
Larry Gevirtz
In Memory of Sidney Gevirtz, Donated by Rabbi Eliezer Gevirtz
Yitzchok Kranczer
Irving and Michele Zoltan
In memory of Simon Geldwerth. In memory of David & Elizabeth Zoltan
Jessy Warner-Cohen
Izchak Kohen
Elliot J. and Sharon I. Feder
Lee Amin Furman
Michael Bergman
Martin Baumrind
Alfred and Lilly E. Friedman
Jonathan and Debby Spirgel
David and Harriet Engel
Roy M. and Helene R. Arbeit
George A. and Batsheva Katz
Tova B. Cohn
Judith Ostrowsky
Ruth Franklin
Budget Maintenance Supply
Heidi Tabrisky
Rebecca Mermelstein
Ami Magazine

Masbia Host - “Machnas Orach” - Copper - $300

Knowing that many people would like to be part of our holy work feeding the needy throughout the year, we have created a category called “Machnis Orach” a Hebrew title given to someone who regularly has guests. Divided into three levels, Gold, Silver and Copper, this donation allows contributors to become a Masbia host for a monthly donation of either $100, $50, or $25, which can also be made in total on an annual basis.

Chanita Friedman
Howard David Goldstein
Phyllis Eisner
In memory of Rabbi Saul Eisner
Owen M. and Betty L. Rumelt
In loving memory of Seymour Rumelt
Eliyahu and Toby Hayum
Lawrence and Devorah Moskowitz
Goldie Cohen
Avrohm A. and Miriam Hoffman
In memory of Samuel Hoffman by Rabbi and Mrs. Avrohom Hoffman and Family
Karen Rothman
Jeffrey A. Shapiro
In honor of my mother Jean Shapiro and in memory of my father Benjamin Shapiro and my grandparents Moses and Esther Buch and Charles Hiram and Sarah Shapiro
Michael Zemel
Chaim and Lisa S. Abittan
Aron and Chaya Friedman
Joseph M. and Sarah Soroka
Richard and Sheila White
Joel K. and Adeana Berezow
Jeffrey and Cheryl Fried
Leonard Oppenheimer
Chaim Hersh and Nissel Friedman
Marty and Jamie Markowitz
Ernest Berkovitz
Khizer II Shell
Lawrence Goetz
Morris and Ellen Bienenfeld
Samuel Rosenberg
Efi and Victoria Kreitner
Marga Kahn