Food Emergency

$70 sponsors seven ready meals to go for one person. $108 sponsors a jumbo double package of raw food for seven days for a family of four. 

Since the outbreak, about 50% of the people joining the bread lines were new first-time clients at the Masbia Soup Kitchen Network, up from what’s usually about 5%. That’s a 1,000% increase in new clients. 

In the first four weeks of the outbreak, Masbia distributed over one million dollars worth of food. We need your help to keep up with the growing demand. People's pantries and refrigerators at home are running empty, widespread hunger is skyrocketing. We know that many Americans live a hand to mouth financial lifestyle, just a paycheck away from going bust. So many more cannot withstand four weeks without pay. Since we passed that point, more people are becoming more and more desperate in need of food.

Masbia is now serving everyone at our soup-kitchens up to seven ready-to-eat dinners to go and every family raw grocery food for the entire family for seven days from our food-pantries. (If you need food click here.)

To donate via Venmo click here.

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