Seated at Your Table – “Taaroch Lifanei Shulchan” – $18,000

The new location will have 10 tables and we are seeking to name each table after its sponsor, so each sponsor can feel like they have guests sitting at their own table every night. There can be no greater merit that one could obtain than by having the poor and unfortunate at your own table. The Talmud teaches us (Brachos 54-55) that having guests at your own table is a blessing to live long and the Talmud further explains why. Serving people at your table is the equivalent of offering a sacrifice at the altar in the times of the Beis Hamikdash. The Talmud has a very direct phrase “a person’s table brings them atonement.” Understanding the importance of it being the table itself, that is the vessel to bring atonement, is what makes this sponsorship so meaningful. Indeed, sponsoring a table gives you a great opportunity by having the mitzvah of hosting guests and bringing many offerings to Hashem on a daily basis on your own table. Seize this great opportunity! We call this “Taaroch Lifanei Shulchan” based on the popular phrase in Tehillim 23.


Note: We will check with you to confirm the engraved text for your physical dedication plaque.

Contributions are tax deductible.