Donate Charity by Sponsoring Sukkot Meals for the Needy at Kosher Soup Kitchen

From all the Shabbos and holiday meals, Masbia of Boro Park is the busiest on Sukkos since it is the hardest for our guests to get a meal anywhere else.

We are seeking sponsors for the holiday meals which will include all the traditional Sukkos foods such as meat, fish, challah, honey, and much more. It is customary to celebrate people whose names match those of the Ushpizin on their day. Please send us an e-mail at [email protected] to let us know the day you wish to sponsor.

A one person sponsorship for one meal goes for $45, one person for seven meals is $315, one person for seven meals for $315, one person for all 14 meals is $630, one entire seudah (40 ppl) can be sponsored for $1,800, seven seudahs is $12,600, and all 14 Sukkos meals are $25,200. For any donation of ten meals or more, you can have a dedication posted, or have an acknowledgment sent to the person you're honoring. Please e-mail [email protected] with your dedication or acknowledgment. To learn more about other Masbia seasonal giving opportunities, click here.

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