Vessel Containing Blessings – “Kli Machzik Bracha” – $25,000

At the new facility, we hope to be able to stop using disposables and convert our entire operation into using elegant, washable and reusable dinnerware. That will need a large investment of about 500 sets of cups, silverware, and plates. This sponsor will end the use of serving our guests with disposable dishes, increasing the level of hospitality and dignity we give to our guests. Included in this sponsorship is also the dishwashing area of the new facility. In addition to being prominently inscribed on the dedication wall, your dedication can also be displayed at the dishwashing area. We call this dedication “Kli Machzik Bracha” which is a play on a known verse of the last Mishnah (Uktzin 3:12) referring to peace as the only vessel containing blessings.


Note: We will check with you to confirm the engraved text for your physical dedication plaque.

Contributions are tax deductible.