Shavuos at Masbia of Boro Park

Cheesecake from Strauss BakeryOn the holiday of Shavuos, we celebrate the day where all Jews stood at Mount Sinai 1312 BC when all kosher laws came into effect and they found themselves without food. All of the food they had became non-kosher and they needed to start their pantry from scratch. The first easy go-to food was milk and dairy and that's why we celebrate Shavuos with eating a dairy meal. 

At Masbia, we serve people who find themselves without food everyday. More recently, we started serving Shabbos and Yom-Tov meals and attendance has increased drastically over the past few weeks. We need all the help we can get to keep up with the pace. We need more fish, more meat, more challah, and even more bentchers to sing together. For Shavuos, with the help of the charity we raise, we would like to serve 5 meals, including 1 special dairy meal, and decorate the dining room with flowers, just like we all do at home so that we can serve our guests holiday meals with dignity.

Please make your chai donation today. For anyone who donates $360 or more, we will post your dedication on the wall of our dining room for Shavuos. Remember to email us the dedication information at

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Shavuos Meal Corporate Donors:

Challah and Kiddush cake donated by Strauss Bakery 

Twilight: Breaking Dawn dinnerware sets donated by Carmona New York & Co. 

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