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Masbia values any questions, comments, or suggestions you have about your experiences (or future ones) so that we can improve our organization. We want to perform the best we can so that we can continue to feed the hungry. There is always room for improvement and we want to give the best experience as possible for volunteers, those receiving a meal, and for donators.  

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  • Jane Philpott
    commented 2020-08-16 17:31:17 -0400
    Could you tell me how to contact Simon Geldwerth from Brooklyn, NY? please as I think I may have seen his violin in the hands of some german people in australia. could you get his email address for me please?
  • Rev.isacc dhas
    commented 2020-06-10 08:16:06 -0400
    Rev.Isacc dhas

    Shiloh children home

    Thomas cottage,

    Poonchery post


    Kancheepuram Dist


    South India

    Phone 00919677373258.

    [email protected]

    Dear My loving brothers and sisters in Christ. Greetings to you all in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. We have adopted 30 orphan, street and disabled kids and giving them free food and shelter and education .Medical ,etc . We are going to start blind ,dumb and deaf children center. Please pray for us and help us with little donation .Our eyes are looking up your mercy and big heart support., You are also welcome to provide small contribution to our orphanage during your birthday,anniversary etc. Please tell about us to your relatives, friends and family. Church, We will be very very thankful to you always.If any one interested to visit to our orphanage home in India .Please contact above our address. You are always mostly welcome to visit us .Monthly we need 500 $ only. Please help this helpless kids in our orphanage home. May god bless you all. Please send small donation by Western union money transfer. After the transfer funds give us ten digital MTC number. through email. PLEASE DONATE US Please send your gifts and donations to my mailing address as Lord leads you to support this helpless kids in our home. Please send your loving offerings and donations through Western Union Money Transfer (or) Money Gram Money Transfer After sending the funds kindly please give MTC Ten digital Number. We will send you children pictures after we got your reply. May God bless you and family

    Yours loving brother in the service of helpless kids in India

    Rev.isacc dha
  • Uma Talpakova
    commented 2020-05-12 17:52:17 -0400
    Today I went to 5402 New Utrecht ave to get some information about how to get food. My first experience was awful. In outside I met workers who works there and I asked them how it works. No one answered me and then I went to the store where woman yelled me saying what I’m doing there. I appologized and went out. Then I asked how to get food, she didn’t say anything what helps me. She just said I have to make appointment, but in their website saying you have to visit location to make reservation. I left this place with very bad feelings. I don’t need your food. But you have to be little patient with people. Its difficult time for everyone.
  • Uma Talpakova
    commented 2020-05-12 17:38:13 -0400
  • Alma D Juarez
    commented 2020-05-12 00:28:46 -0400
    I would like to a Appointment please.
  • Hananel obadia
    commented 2020-04-29 00:32:48 -0400
    I would like to tack a appointment and it’s impossible can you tack one for me ? Ty
  • Leah Wagshul
    commented 2020-04-07 15:43:33 -0400
  • shafieollah lavihayem
    commented 2020-03-30 06:48:07 -0400
    when u give out passover staff
  • shafieollah lavihayem
    commented 2020-03-30 06:47:05 -0400

    I want to get passover food

    i got txt

    Masbia of Flatbush says: Families affiliated with Chaim-Berlin, Torah-Vodaath, and Mir, will take place later this week by appointment only. Regular public pick up after 14 days 3-7 PM *Do not reply to this message.

    i am not with mir and not with berlin what i have to do
  • Michael Weinstein
    commented 2019-05-28 22:53:04 -0400
    Shalom, would you like to buy copies of my book, “Ten Times Chai: 180 Orthodox Synagogues of New York City,” for $25, no tax, free delivery. Amazon price is $33.95,, so you save over 20 percent. Please contact me, free delivery anywhere in Brooklyn
  • Anonymous
    commented 2019-04-15 12:35:30 -0400
    It is appalling how you run your Pesach food distribution. You make it extremely difficult for a person to get food, and the person you have at 5402 New Utrecht, an overweight burly Chassidic man is shameful. He is rough and offensive and not how a Masbia representative should behave.

    Those unfortunate enough to need these donations is a shame, but the lack of dignity to them that this person demonstrates is unforgivable. You truly need to correct this and be more in the spirit of Pesach.

    Thank you
  • clyde meltzer
    commented 2019-04-14 20:02:31 -0400
    i am a jewish/brooklynite//low income/senior. i am currently living in an assisted living faxcility in manhattan because i was in an accident and didn’t think i could care for myself. now i am recovered and want to be independent again. while i was ill i let my niuece take over my affairs. she luistened to a real estate agent and threw all my stuff out vand rented my apartment. it is vacant now and i want to return to it, but i have no furniture.and no funds to buy some. can you help me please, or direct me to help.
  • Tzippy K
    commented 2019-04-11 19:10:26 -0400
    hi. id like to make an appointment for Pesach food pantry

  • Debra Lynn Eckstein
    commented 2019-04-02 14:20:49 -0400
    How do I sign up for a Pesach package?

    There is no information at the Flatbush restaurant and the phone #’s given provide no usable information.
  • Libor Soural
    commented 2018-08-26 21:10:38 -0400
    Hi, in 1997 hunger and hopelessness on my quest to Hollywood as a screenwriter made me walk the streets of NYC and when I found a soup kitchen, it was like an oasis in the desert, for which I was grateful beyond words, appreciating all your hard work under God’s mercyful command. Though I did not make it, I managed to get to Central America, specifically to Nicaragua, to frugally live the poignant legacy of the dubbed Czech Hollywood Warrior Priest from Serious Entertainment I have been spreading worldwide as a survivor. My massive dark literature – The Sixth Gospel – judge for yourself, might heavily entertain even the most demanding soul of light. Please visit

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    Could you please help me in setting up a public exhibition of HO scale model train and slot car layouts in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. Nothing like this exists here ! I need money for the place and the equipment. I will do all the work no matter I have only one hand. I can receive money here via Moneygram, Ria Transfer, Western Union or a bank transfer, NO PAYPAL available. So what do you say ? Interested ? Can you please help me to get the project started ?

    A big idea occurred to me, how about setting a GoFundMe campaign related to what we love and obviously splitting 50\50 using my text or yours to catch American people’s attention, supporting a noble cause in a third world country, that will work. You do some publicity in the US on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc, = I have no contacts ! and we must make some money. I mean, SERIOUSLY !!! What do you say ? Can you set it up at GoFundMe using my text, you pick up some catchy pictures and title or I can suggest ? What do you think ?

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  • Abhay Jain
    commented 2018-04-24 02:05:43 -0400

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  • Amy Tropp
    commented 2018-04-19 11:48:25 -0400
    I teach at Bruriah High School in Elizabeth NJ.

    I have approximately 10 students who want to volunteer on 4/29 in the morning

    Would there be a possibility of accomodating us?

    Thanks so much
  • Chaya Devorah Shuchat
    commented 2018-04-16 13:50:02 -0400
    Please delete my feedback. I thought it was just a contact form that goes to Masbia.
  • Chaya Devorah Shuchat
    followed this page 2018-04-16 13:47:33 -0400
  • Pastor Lukas Atoka Ogada
    commented 2018-04-01 08:51:17 -0400
    Dear Pr.

    Greetings to you from the land of Africa with a hope that you are fine

    and doing well over there, here am fine and doing well in this part of

    the World and am Lukas Atoka Ogada and am 65 years old married with

    five children. I was born in 1952 at remote area in western Kenya

    country and I went to school up to form four level,

    Then I started organizing bible study in my house every week end and

    this grow to be large number that my house could not contained. then

    we rented the hall where people can come to worship the Lord.

    After one year we were about 40 Then from that time till now the

    church has seven branches with 200 people in Kenya here and am

    planning to raise one in Tanzania where we have one family. I pray

    that God will work a work in our midst that we cant have language in

    which we can thank Him I would like to request you to give me the

    right hand of fellowship so that we may work together for the glory of


    People are thirsty here in Kenya and the need the gospel top reach

    them but I cant due to life in this part of the world cant allow us to

    move as we dream to do, we luck many things to do the work ,ie

    books,BIBLES AND ANY SPIRITUAL MATERIALS to give, . I pray that God

    may bless you to bless the work here, can we join our hands to help

    the people spiritually.


    May God bless you all.
  • Ariel Baradarian
    commented 2017-12-04 14:04:03 -0500

    My name is Ariel Baradarian and I am the NY Producer for the Vibrant Living Network. Our group was thinking of making an event at Masbia in either Brooklyn or Flatbush. We could give a percentage of the proceeds to Masbia. Would we able to use any of your spaces? I would love to talk to discuss more.
  • susan herskovits
    commented 2017-09-26 00:01:14 -0400
    I made a donation online tonight, but did not receive a confirmation email or receipt of my donation.

    Susan Herskovits
  • Sara Meir
    commented 2017-03-10 10:17:28 -0500
  • Susann & Ed Codish
    commented 2017-02-14 07:58:55 -0500
    Dear Reb Rapaport,

    We read about the fact that you lost funding because – שומו שמים! – you dared feed non-Jewish immigrant. We can’t give a lot, but just made a donation to help you make up for the shortfall. תבורך ותזכה לקיים עוד המון מצוות


    Susann & Ed Codish