Monthly Rent for the First Year - “Dimai Nachshon” - $5,000x12

Making the first step is always the hardest. Finding the right new site was always a challenge, especially when looking for a bigger site to feed more people. We knew that the rent would always be greater than what we were used to paying at the old location. At the new site, we will be paying $5,000 a month for the first year. Making that commitment was the first step in this endeavour. By sponsoring that, you will be our Nachshon. Nachshon is used to describe a person who takes the first step to do a Mitzvah. This is based on the biblical story when the Israelites were at the banks of the Red Sea. Nachshon was the first person to go towards the Red Sea on the command of Hashem despite the obvious danger. We call this “Dimai Nachshon”, like saying Nachshon money.


Note: We will check with you to confirm the engraved text for your physical dedication plaque.

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