Share A Holiday Meal On Sukkos by Sponsoring a Meal at Masbia of Boro Park

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Sukkos_Masbia_Boro_Park_.jpgShare a holiday meal. During Sukkos, many families and individuals don't have enough to eat. Your charitable gift can help.

The significance of sharing a meal with the needy during Sukkos is a great tradition and its origins are based on a chapter in Zohar that explains that we should open the doors of the Sukkah to the Ushpizin/guests. These guests, we are told, are the mystical presence of the Jewish forefathers who drop in on everyone's Sukkah. According to the Zohar, the food that you would have offered the Ushpizin should be given to the Ushpizin_Stained_Glass.pngpoor instead and that is the only way you earn their stay in your Sukkah. (See how the Bobover Rebbe Ben Zion Halberstam explained this in 2005. Click here

Over this Sukkos holiday, Masbia of Boro Park is partnering with Congregation Shomrei Shabbos to serve the meals in their public Sukkah. You can sponsor one meal for a person for $50, a family of 5 for $250, and a whole Seudah/meal for $3,600. Our goal is to raise $39,600 which will cover the expenses for the great hot holiday meals, Mashgiach Temidi for high standards of Kosher, and waiters to feed the needy with the utmost dignity.

Donate Now!

For every donation of $250 or more, we will post your dedication at the meal. You can choose which of the meals to dedicate and give us the content for the dedication. Email [email protected] or call 718-972-4446 x301 for more information

Herzog_kedem_gefen_glicks_hadar.jpgThe Sukkah will be named the Herzog Sukkah after the Herzog family who will donate high-end wines and refreshments from their brands Baron Herzog, Kedem, Gefen, Hadar, and Glicks

All baked goods are donated by Strauss Bakery

Masbia_Sukkah_Boro_Park_schedule_Sukkot.JPGFor more details, see Press Release here.

For PDF of the Yiddish Sukkos Schedule Flyer, click here.

Click here to See 2007 photo of Borshtiner Rebbe, Rabbi David Eichenstein Laying Schach on the Sukkah